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Youth Leadership and Volunteering - An objective of Youth Sport Trust

From 2007, there were Young Ambassadors in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – delivered by the Youth Sport Trust supported by the Home Country Sport Organisations. In 2018, the movement continues to be vibrant – across England embedded within local school sport infrastructures, in Scotland and Wales the programme continues to be centrally funded.

Young Ambassadors is designed to build the leadership skills of young people and as a result they are empowered to take on the following roles:

  • Be the youth voice for PE and school sport in their school and community
  • Promote the positive values of sport
  • Be a role model and champion for PE and school sport
  • Increase participation opportunities and healthy lifestyles for everyone

If you want to find more information, click here. Or you watch a video which explains the program well: Video.



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